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Like many of you, I'm absolutely obsessed with Korean Beauty. Compared to western skin care, I believe K Beauty routine provides much faster results and its no wonder, as they are way ahead in terms of skin care innovation. The BB Cream that you use every morning, sheet masks that gives you a ghost face while on and glowy face after you take it off, cushion compact that is always there in your handbag - they all originated in Korea. They were the first ones to use ground breaking skin care ingredients such as snail mucus and bee venom along with effective western ingredients to give that flawless skin. For Koreans, skin care is part of holistic approach to well being- attention to skincare and beauty is deeply ingrained in their culture and weekly spa trip is a family affair !
When I first started researching K-beauty products, I was inundated with products and information that was available online. So I'm planning to do a series of posts to share all the wee info and my favorite K-Beauty products.  Lets start off with '7 Skin Method' as its winter months and our face could do with an extra bit of hydration.

What is 7 Skin Method ?
In simple terms, you apply a toner or a watery essence  seven times onto skin -right after double cleanse and before moisturiser. . sounds easy, right ? Basically in Korea, they refer toners as Skin and hence the name. So by layering a hydrating toner multiple times, moisture level of skin can be increased and by doing seven skin method consistently, skin ends up looking healthier and plumper.
Which toner should I use ? 
Toners with alcohol (ingredient list may be written as ethanol or ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol and benzyl alcohol), cleansing properties (cleanser, toner, moisturiser in one - wtf! ) and synthetic fragrances are a strict No, No ! You don't want to end up with irritated skin with new acne or a completely dried out skin in few hours. It is best to use an essence toner, which is usually the first leave on step after facial cleansing in K beauty routine (I will explain multi step Kbeauty routine in another post).
My favourite essence toner and the first Korean product that I tried is Whamisa's Organic Flower Deep Rich Essence Toner. This serum like bouncy toner has around 97% organic ingredients and includes fermented dandelion and argan oil to improve skin texture. 
How do I do the 7 Skin Method?
Basically you take couple of drops of the toner into your palm and pat it into the skin. You can apply it on a cotton pad and swipe but I feel so much product gets wasted as cotton pads soaks up a lot.
After the first step, wait for few seconds until skin is no longer wet and apply it again. Continue for 7 times or if you are short of time, do it 3-4 times. Make sure that you are applying just 2-3 drops in each step for effective patting to take place. Once you become a pro in 7 Skin method, you can try with different toners. I personally love to do Missha's First Treatment Essence as first 3 steps and then Whamisa for next four and finishing off just with a lip balm (I got this Laneige Lip Mask as a sample and oh, my! they leave the lips buttery soft). 
Even though this takes a bit more longer than your usual skin care routine, trust me, you will try to do this once a week at least once you start seeing the results of that glow from within. You do not need any moisturiser after this and you can go straight to your sunscreen (Always, always wear it ladies!) and makeup. Do let me know if you try the 7 skin method and if you would like to know more about other KBeauty products that I love!
Thanks for reading x
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