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Astrid & Miyu does not need any introduction !Delicate and statement jewellery pieces are a trend lately with so many small brands cropping up and advertising heavily on Instagram and cream of the crop is Astrid & Miyu. They are definitely one of London's finest contemporary jewellers and has fast become a favorite amongst celebrities, bloggers and fashion editors. 
Best part about their stunning line of minimalistic jewellery is that they are super affordable and quality is equivalent to fine jewellery that you buy from ridiculously expensive brands. I first discovered them in early spring and bought this stunning ear cuff which I have been reaching out almost every day. I wear it to work paired with my other every day studs, during weekends with my statement earrings and sometimes when I'm not in a mood to accessorise, I just wear it on its own. Needless to say I get compliments whichever way I wear it (Link to buy this cuff is here).

If you need a bit more ear cuff drama, Crystal Armour Ear Cuff is perfect (You can buy it here).
Or if you need that extra sophistication and elegance, their fine line diamond collection range has stunning pieces in 18 ct gold, rose gold and white gold with sparkling pave diamonds of 0.08 carats.
You can buy the Fine Line Diamond Collection here 
In my post on Missoma London, I have professed my love for Zodiac jewellery and I'm quite thrilled to see Astrid&Miyu has a Zodiac jewellery line. These mismatching earrings are so pretty and can be worn in same ear or in different ears. (You can buy it here). 
Enough of minimalism - time to make a statement ! Christmas season is fast approaching which means endless parties, dinners and get togethers. These structured earrings bring that right statement looks with those velvety dresses and high pony tails.
(Link to buy this is here).
There is something subtly sexy in wearing a long chain necklace with pendant with that V-neck sweater or any plunging neckline outfit. This bar necklace with shimmering diamanates can elevate any monotonous v- neck outfits.
(Link to buy it is here)
When you have eye catchy and stunning ear cuff and minimal yet stylish layered necklace, you cannot let your fingers be naked ! Check out their stylish yet minimalistic range of rings here, my absolute favorite is the one below.

Along with Zodiac jewellery, I love anything and everything that has an Infinity symbol. This stunning bracelet with Infinity charm can be worn every day and will look gorgeous with any outfit. This bracelet is so dainty and pretty and super affordable that you can gift it to your friends or even keep it as a cheeky me to me Christmas gift! 
Link to buy this prettyness is here
Please let me know which one is your favorite amongst the ones that I featured today and if you happen to discover Astrid & Miyu from me. Hope you love this brand as much as I love them.
Thanks for reading :) x

This post is in collaboration with Astrid & Miyu and uses Affiliate Links.

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