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We first saw the photo of iconic Navagio Beach on Trip Advisor's home page couple of years ago. Since then we have really wanted to visit Zakynthos but for some reason kept putting that off. This year, after the dreadfully long winter here in London, we were so craving for some sea and sun and finally during the May Bank holiday we went to Zakynthos for four days.
Although Santorini and Mykonos may be your first choices for Greece trip, Zakynthos definitely need to be in your Greece itinerary as it is gifted with alluring crystalline waters, stunning greenery and charming hospitality of locals. Busiest months in Zakynthos are June, July and August and because it is summer time, sea is much warmer and there is less chance of rain. If you prefer a less busy time, try to go in May or in September/October.
Getting to Zakynthos :
Average journey time from London to Zakynthos is around 3 hours 30 minutes and there are Easy Jet flights from London Gatwick. Or if you are flying from other countries and have plans to visit Mainland Greece, then there are multiple flights from Athens.
Getting around Zakynthos :
Highly recommend renting a car in Zakynthos as we didn't find any public transport/ buses even though there were some random bus stops. So having your own car gives you that freedom to drive around and enjoy the lush greenery and some amazing scenic views of Ionian Sea. Everything on the island is pretty nearby and you can cover quite a lot in a day.We had booked our car from Avis and you should be able to find good deals from Rental cars as well. If you book in advance you should be able to get a good automatic car from £20 per day. There were no Uber on the island and pretty sure the cabs would cost a hand and leg !
What to See : 
Long Sandy beaches along the southern shoreline,  olive trees, forested wilderness, spectacular limestone cliffs plummeting into turquoise waters - Zakynthos has a lot to offer. Visit Greece website has a detailed post on popular attractions in Zakynthos and here were our favorites from the places that we visited.
Navagio Beach/Shipwreck beach view from the cliffs 


Monochrome Glam

Hello my beautiful friends. Hope it is bright and sunny wherever you are from ! It has been a splendid week of sunshine and smiles in London. 
I wore this pretty top few days back and since then wanted to write a post on few of the stunning black and white outfits I had seen online. As you know, I rarely post my photos - first of all I feel it can get into a dangerous territory of buying outfits for blogs and social media. So I will stick to my current routine of posting about my favorite brands once in a while :-) 
This top below is few years old and unfortunately not available online anymore. However I have linked few of my favorites below. 


Boho love - Free People

Hello my beautiful friends .. How you been ? Here I am , yet again, with another favorite brand of mine - Free People !
If you are a fan of easy breezy boho dressing - look no further than Free People. This sister brand of Anthropologie is just perfect if you want to buy on trend yet sustainable fashion for your travels or just to get through balmy summer months.Unfortunately it is snowing heavily in London and spring seems like a lifetime away. As always I am dreaming about summer days by the beach and like they say I'm positive that universe will conspire to make my wish come true. Anyways here are some favourites from Free People.
Love wrap dress, love yellow, love ruffles ? Then this one is all your spring flowy dress dream come true !
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